Consultant Trainer

To move YOU or Your Organization in the desired direction to reach its goals.

As a Coach, Trainer and Teacher, I can offer You and Your team, Training, Workshops, Seminars, Consulting and Coaching to aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of new leadership methods.


I am an Educational Director with more than 20 years of experience, and I am a trainer from more than12 years. I have been a leader and coach manager for more than 200 members in my team.

Also I have provided more than 220 training to more than 35 foundations and organizations within Syria.

Fields of Study

I studied at the University of Aleppo at the Faculty of Applied Chemistry, also l obtained many technical degrees in the field of Computer, Human Development, Management, Leadership and Psychology.

I participated in more than 40 training and 30 workshops. And I got more than 40 Professional Certificates in my field.

These training helped a lot of leaders, administrators, and teachers to improve their work performance and their dealings with their work teams. I believe that the God has blessed me to adding value to leaders, teachers and administrators, and serving them with a spirit of excellence.

While serving people for over 12 years, I have enjoyed using the gifts and talents that my God given to me to help people to be their best, and do their best work.


In the computer field.

In the Leadership and Management fields.

In the Education and Training fields.

In the Health and Psychology fields.

Talk to Me

Please outline briefly how I can help you, and I am so excited to be able to help you out with your organization needs !

You can send me a message by E-MAIL : abdallah.sayeghgmail
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